Enrollink™ Will Better Facilitate Community Supervision Programs

Securus Monitoring Solutions, a Satellite Tracking of People company, today announced the launch of Enrollink™, a new smartphone app that will improve communications between enrollees under community supervision and their supervising agent.

Enrollink is an innovative solution that works as a companion app to the existing Securus GPS (BLUtag®) or RF (BLUband™) electric monitoring devices, allowing enrollees to interact with their program and supervising agent while under community supervision. It will also provide an optional, seamless transition after an enrollee graduates to the phase of their program with fewer location restrictions.

“Enrollink transforms an enrollee’s smartphone into a powerful tool that greatly improves the user experience for both the enrollee and supervisory agent,” said Jon Secrest, general manager of the Securus’ Electronic Monitoring division. “By better facilitating conversation between the two parties, Enrollink lightens the burden for agencies and makes it more likely that enrollees find success integrating into their communities after re-entry.”

While assigned to a Securus GPS or RF monitor, an enrollee can use Enrollink to view their schedules, request schedule changes and soon will be able to send and receive secure messages with their supervising officer, which are then saved to the enrollee’s record.

“One of the key benefits of electronic monitoring is that the enrollee can begin to reintegrate into society and remain active in their community. Until now, even small deviations from their set schedule, such as working late, could create violation alerts and agency workload as agents researched and documented the reason for the program violation. If, for example, an enrollee was required to work late, they could easily use Enrollink to request to change their standard schedule. If approved by their supervising officer, their schedule will update automatically, and no violations will occur”, Secrest added.

The Enrollink app will be a useful tool for enrollees even after they are no longer subject to GPS monitoring or RF home detention, especially in situations when more advanced location monitoring is no longer needed or applicable. Enrollink can utilize a smartphone’s geolocation data to record an enrollee’s compliance with mandated schedules and appointments. Using random or scheduled checks, Enrollink will record and verify the enrollee’s photo along with the smartphone’s location data.

The new app comes after Securus Technologies was restructured under the Aventiv Technologies corporate umbrella, which aims to better improve the lives of users of its technology. To that end, Securus is providing Enrollink at no charge to Securus Monitoring Solutions customers to help facilitate better partnerships and provide a much-needed solution to improve communication between enrollees and officers. Better communication means reduced confusion and a decrease in violations, two advantages that benefit those enrolled in community supervision programs.

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