Do you want to know if they’re
drinking now or later?


Alcohol testing results when you want them

Do you want to know if a monitored enrollee is drinking alcohol now, or sometime later today—or tomorrow even—after they have potentially harmed themselves or others?

SoberTrack® from Securus Monitoring Solutions provides extremely accurate breath-alcohol testing in real time. Test results are delivered at the completion of the test, without having to wait for the enrollee to get home potentially hours later to transmit test results via a home-based cellular device.

SoberTrack is the state-of-the-art in mobile breath-alcohol concentration (BrAC) testing solutions and provides law enforcement and community corrections agencies with the ability to conduct scheduled and on-demand alcohol testing of enrollees—regardless of their location. This lightweight, handheld device comes with an array of standard features including:

  • GPS Tracking Capabilities

  • Facial Recognition Software

  • An Extremely Reliable Deep-Lung Fuel Sensor

  • Video Enabled High-Resolution Camera (with Automatic Flash)

SoberTrack is seamlessly integrated with VeriTracks®, our secure web-based electronic monitoring platform that allows agencies to easily schedule regular and random breath-alcohol tests. Each test conducted by SoberTrack captures the time and GPS location of where the test occurred, a high-resolution photograph of the enrollee taking the test, and an accurate BrAC number value (e.g., 0.080) that are used by law enforcement agencies across the country.

In addition, SoberTrack comes complete with these additional features:

  • An Audible Tone Notification is Emitted When a Test is Required

  • Enrollee Acknowledges Each Test Notification Through an
    Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

  • Text Message Capability Allows an Agency to Make Direct
    Contact with an Enrollee

  • High-resolution Camera is Video-Enabled and Capable of
    Recording a Complete Test

  • Battery Lasts 24+ Hours on a Single Charge

SoberTrack™ Remote Alcohol Testing Solution from Securus Monitoring Solutions

SoberTrack uses text messages and audible notifications to alert an enrollee when it is time to take a test.