By Design, BLUtag Provides Solutions to Challenges Faced by Law Enforcement andCommunity Corrections Agencies

Securus Monitoring Solutions, a Satellite Tracking of People company, today announced the release of its most technologically advanced version of BLUtag®, the company’s stalwart one-piece GPS tracking device. BLUtag reflects the company’s continuing focus on providing solutions to the challenges faced by law enforcement and community corrections agencies.

Device size, tracking accuracy, battery life, cellular dead zones and inaccurate tamper reporting continue to be the top concerns of agencies across the country as each can negatively affect the overall efficiency and effectiveness of an electronic monitoring program. By design, this next generation of BLUtag provides real solutions to each of these challenges:

  • Form and Function
    Successful electronic monitoring programs have increasingly focused on device size and GPS tracking performance when selecting a GPS device for their programs—and for good reason. Empirical evidence shows there is a direct correlation between the size of a GPS tracking device and the amount of damage the device sustains while being worn. Moreover, a GPS device’s ability to consistently provide accurate tracking data is fundamental to the success of an electronic monitoring program. In response, Securus Monitoring Solutions designed BLUtag with significantly smaller and lighter form factor and, at the same time, added next-generation GPS technology to deliver superior GPS tracking capabilities.
  • Keeping Devices Properly Charged
    Arguably, keeping an electronic monitoring device properly charged is one of the most critical elements to successfully monitoring an individual. BLUtag provides the enrollee with multiple low-battery notifications that begin when the device has 10 hours of battery life remaining. And, rather than focus exclusively on battery life, Securus Monitoring Solutions developed an ingenious charging system that makes it easy for enrollees to reliably charge a BLUtag device—every single time.
  • Gaps in Cellular Networks
    Gaps in cellular networks can wreak havoc on an agency’s ability to effectively monitor the activities of enrollees in a given area. To eliminate the problems caused by coverage gaps in cellular networks, BLUtag now includes proprietary DualCarrier technology that allows it to switch between nationwide cellular networks on the fly—providing reliable, seamless coverage of enrollees as they go about their day-to-day activities.

DualCarrier technology allows supervising officers to focus on managing their caseload instead of dealing with notification headaches caused by drops in cellular network coverage. Ultimately BLUtag’s ability to provide consistent reporting means enrollee accountability remains more consistent.

  • False Tamper Alert Overload
    A primary function of all GPS tracking devices is to alert supervising agents when an attempt has been made to remove or otherwise “tamper” with their device. This important feature can often generate a high volume of unwanted “false” tamper alerts that can become extremely time-consuming for supervising agents to manage. BLUtag’s new DuraStrap was specifically designed to significantly reduce the instances of false tamper alerts by:
  1. Utilizing two fiber-optic cables that dramatically decrease the generation of false-positive tamper alerts;
  2. Incorporating an innovative strap clip system that provides a more secure and stable installation of the device, and;
  3. Doubling the thickness of the hypoallergenic strap to provide greater comfort for the enrollee and reducing the need to “aggressively adjust” the device while wearing it—a leading cause of tamper alerts.

“We are very pleased to offer BLUtag and the innovations it offers to our customers,” said Jon Secrest, general manager of Securus Monitoring Solutions. “The team at Securus Monitoring Solutions is committed to more than keeping up with the competition, instead our focus is on providing real and meaningful solutions to the challenges our customers face each day. BLUtag is proof-positive of that commitment.”

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