We have a stable of powerful software solutions designed to help law enforcement and community corrections agencies more effectively and efficiently manage their offender populations—all while creating better outcomes for the communities they serve.

VeriTracks Electronic Monitoring Platform from Securus Monitoring Solutions


Electronic Monitoring Platform

Our secure web-based electronic monitoring platform that provides access to vital offender location data 24/7/365.

VeriTracks™ Mobile Electronic Monitoring Platform

VeriTracks® Mobile

24/7/365 Mobile Access

VeriTracks Mobile is our FREE Apple® iOS and Android® mobile device application that offers all of the functionality of the full Internet browser-based version agents use from desktop and laptop computers.

Enrollink™ Enrollee Electronic Monitoring Communication Platform


Enrollee Communication

Our FREE smartphone application specifically designed to allow enrollees to actively engage with their supervising agent during the monitoring process.



Secure 24/7/365 Web-Based Electronic Monitoring Platform

VeriTracks® is our secure, web-based, all-in-one electronic monitoring platform that receives, organizes and displays all data from our GPS tracking and Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring solutions. In addition, VeriTracks® is a powerful data management tool that acts as a repository for the entirety of an agency’s enrollee data. Powerful yet intuitive, VeriTracks brings together all the tools necessary to effectively manage an electronic monitoring program—regardless of size. VeriTracks comes standard with the following functionality:

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking and Monitoring of Participants

  • Enrollment of Program Participants

  • Multiple Google Maps Display Options to Analyze and Evaluate Participant Locations and Movements

  • Assignable and Customizable Participant Inclusion and Exclusion Zones

  • Customizable Reporting Protocols and Participant Risk Levels

  • Two-Way Communication with Participants via ENROLLINK® Platform

  • Customizable Alert and Event Notifications

  • Ability to Disseminate Alert and Event Notifications to an Unlimited Number of Recipients

  • Ability to View Individual Device Status and Manage Device Inventories

  • 300+ Standard Reports and Robust Ad-Hoc Reporting Capabilities

  • Access to our proprietary Automated Crime Scene Correlation tool, that allows agency personnel to not only query its offender database to identify participants in that are close proximity to one another, but correlate participant congregations to the proximity of crimes within that area. Use of our Crime Scene Correlation tool can enhance surveillance of criminal “hot spots.”

All the Information You Need is Only a Mouse-Click Away

By design, VeriTracks was built using a powerful yet intuitive user interface that dramatically reduces the training needed to begin using the platform at an effective level. Users will benefit from being able to quickly and easily find, update and generate reports on the information they need. VeriTracks uses tiles to clearly define divisions of data and makes navigation around the platform extremely easy. The screenshots below show just how concisely information in VeriTracks is captured and displayed:

VeriTracks® Mobile

Convenient On-The-Go Access to VeriTracks

VeriTracks® Mobile Electronic Monitoring Platform

Use VeriTracks Mobile to Locate
an Enrollee 24/7/365

To ensure that supervising agencies and their agents have access to important tracking and participant data at all times, Securus Monitoring created VeriTracks Mobile to provide convenient access to our web-based electronic monitoring platform from Apple® iOS and Android® mobile devices. VeriTracks Mobile offers full access to the platform including enrollee tracking, quick enrollment and pursuit mode functionality.


  • Full Functionality

    Once installed on a mobile device, authorized users can launch and login into the application from their device’s home screen. VeriTracks Mobile offers all of the functionality of the full Internet browser-based version agents use from desktop and laptop computers.

  • Familiar Intuitive Interface

    By design, VeriTracks Mobile provides users with an interface that is based on the Internet browser version. The interface uses a summary dashboard allowing agents to intuitively navigate to the information they need (e.g., enrollee data, inventory, events, etc.).

  • Powerful Tools

    The mobile application also provides agents with all of the functionality they use regularly in VeriTracks including:

VeriTracks Mobile Event Notifications

Receive, Review and Clear Event Notifications
Right from Your Phone

  • Enrollments, including assigning devices and add enrollee photos

  • Confirming/closing events with a swipe while adding detailed notes about any event

  • View events on a map; view the last GPS location point associated with those events

  • View maps in the ENROLLEE TILE to see GPS location points for the last 24 hours

  • Initiate device commands (i.e., emit an audible tone, vibrate, Location Request, etc.)


VeriTracks Mobile offers PURSUIT MODE functionality that allows agents to receive GPS location points from a chosen GPS tracking device every 30 seconds. The application then displays the last three location points with directional arrows to depict travel direction and the enrollee’s current location is also displayed.